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Steps to Take When Hiring a Contractor During the Pandemic

Do you find yourself in need of more space? Due to virtual learning, offices still closed down, and new state restrictions popping up, we start to wonder if now is the perfect time to complete the home renovation project we’ve been putting on the back burner.

If you plan to start a home renovation project during the pandemic, there are a lot of things you need to know before you select a contractor to do the job. Here are a some tips to help you better select a contractor for the job.

  1. Before you start searching for a contractor do your own research. Make sure you are up to date on not only your local, but the federal guidelines in place. As you start to research local contractors look to see if they have any information posted about their current process and the precautions they are taking on their website or even social media pages.
  2. Know the guidelines. Not only does the Center for Disease and Control (CDC) have recommendations on ways to stop the spread of the virus, but organizations like OSHA and the National Association of Home Builders have also come out with recommendations specific to the construction industry. By doing the proper research you can find guidelines to help stop the spread of COVID.
  3. Ask Questions. Do NOT be afraid to ask your contractor questions. Communication is key with any project in order to stay informed and also stress free. Ask what their specific protocols are, and how they are ensuring they are being followed. At Penn Construction & Design we know times are different. We are working hard to make sure each job is done in the safest way possible for your family, and our contractors.
  4. Know what to expect. This is important since you most likely will be home while the project is going on. With a majority of people are working from home, and students virtually learning,  you need to know what to expect in order to properly plan your day. Keep in mind depending on the project it can get noisy and there might be disruption throughout the day.

If you are planning on hiring a contractor to complete your home renovation project during the pandemic make sure to ask questions, do your research and know the guidelines.

At Penn Construction & Design, we combine licensed Realtor knowledge with custom design and craftsmanship to deliver exceptional client satisfaction. If you want to discuss how you can add value to your home, call or contact Penn Construction & Design for a consultation at (484) 453-5071.


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