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Top Questions to Consider When Selecting Kitchen Countertops

When it comes to kitchen countertops there are so many options to choose from it can quickly become overwhelming. The countertops should not only fit within your design aesthetic, but they should also be very durable. You want a material that is easy to clean, stain resistant, & heatproof. You also want something that fits within your design & serves as the showpiece in your space.

Before you get too overwhelmed by the endless options available it is best to ask yourself the right questions in order to set your priorities & budget straight.

Here are some of the top questions to ask yourself when selecting kitchen countertops.

  1. How will you use your countertops? Do you find yourself using your countertops as a meal prep area? Maybe it’s where your kids do their homework & crafts. The most important part of your countertop decision should come from how you and your family use your space. This will help you determine the best material that fits within your daily use.
  2. Does it require a lot of maintenance? No one wants to spend more time maintaining a space than living in the space. A lot of materials come with a laundry list filled with upkeep demands. Others are extremely resilient & require very little maintenance. You need to be realistic about how much time & effort you want to spend maintaining your countertops. Different material require different upkeep. For example, granite or marble are both porous materials which requires them to be sealed at least once a year. Wood countertops require specific oils to be applied at least twice a year. Make sure you have properly assessed the maintenance requirements before making a final decision.
  3. Have you put together a budget? Before starting any home renovation project it is important to have a realistic budget in place. In order to properly compile a budget you need to do your research. Start by researching & pricing out your ideal material & then try to find a similar version that fits within your budget.
  4. Does a specific material speak to you? When it comes to the design portion of a kitchen renovation, aesthetics can’t be ignored. Granted you should not select your materials based solely off of looks alone, to quickly realize it doesn’t fit within your lifestyle. That’s where your research comes in handy! Knowing what your ideal material would be, but having similar versions selected will help you create the perfect aesthetic that fits within your lifestyle & budget.

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