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How to Avoid the Most Common Lighting Mistakes

The lighting in your house can make a huge difference to your space. There are multiple things to consider as you begin to update your current lighting situation, that if left unchecked, may end up causing a messy situation in the long run.

As you start to brainstorm ways to update your current lighting situation, here are tips to avoid some of the most common mistakes.

  • Sizing is key. Selecting the wrong size of light fixtures is one of the top mistakes made. You need to devote enough time to properly plan your design and take accurate measurements of your space in order to ensure the size of your light fixtures will fit properly.
  • Not installing enough sources of light. As you start to design your room and incorporate your light sources it is important to consider installing more than one source of light. If you only have one source of light there can be parts of your room that are left dark. The key is to make sure your lighting in each room is balanced with multiple sources.
  • Not considering the size of your space. Small spaces are often looked over when it comes to selecting proper options. Remember to consider illuminating places like your pantries and closets. Just because these are smaller spaces doesn’t mean they need to be ignored in the design process.
  • Don’t forget to incorporate dimmers. Installing dimmers to your lighting solutions is a great way to save you money on electricity in the long run. There are multiple alternatives you can use like smart LED lights, that will do the same job as a dimmer, and potentially save you money.

These are just some common lighting mistakes to avoid making when selecting the lighting throughout your house. Remember to properly consider your space, your lighting sources, and the size of your fixtures.

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