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How to Turn Your Kitchen into the Gourmet Kitchen of Your Dreams

The focal point of every home is the kitchen, making the function and design behind it important. There are so many ways you can upgrade your kitchen making it hard to decide where to start. Whether you want to make a minor upgrade to the cabinets, or decide it’s time for a complete renovation, it’s important to have some ideas in mind.

What makes your kitchen a gourmet kitchen?

A gourmet kitchen is one that includes state-of-the-art appliances with a large range of special features and accessories unique to one’s specific taste. It really is your own personal haven that you can create to match your personality.

At Penn Construction and Design we have transformed multiple kitchens into the gourmet kitchen of ones dream. Here are some kitchen renovation ideas:

  1. Open floor plan – An open floor plan allows you too easily maneuver around your kitchen making entertaining a breeze and cooking functional.
  2. Don’t forget about the island – An island can be designed to not only include storage space, but it can also give you the extra space you need when cooking, entertaining guests, or even allows for a workspace for you or your children.
  3. Top-of-the-line appliances – When creating the perfect gourmet kitchen appliances are a staple piece. Stainless steel appliances instantly give your kitchen the luxurious look you never knew you needed. Adding some tech savvy appliances can make your kitchen stand out, while making it easier to function.
  4. Lighting – Good lighting not only helps you work efficiently in the kitchen, but can also add character to your space. We love a good light fixture and have found that pendant lights are a great addition.
  5. Storage space – Adequate amounts of storage space can help keep you stress free and organized. We recommend enough cabinets and drawers to store all of your kitchen products, as well as, a walk in pantry that you can use to not only store all of your food but any spare appliances.

Whether you want to add more storage space, transition to a more open floorpan or do a complete remodel we can help you through the entire process. Just remember there are endless ways to transform your kitchen into the gourmet kitchen of your dreams.

At Penn Construction & Design, we combine licensed Realtor knowledge with custom design and craftsmanship to deliver exceptional client satisfaction. If you want to discuss how you can add value to your home, call or contact Penn Construction & Design for a consultation at (484) 452-5071.


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