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Remodeling: Patience and Preparedness (P.P.)

Often do we hear that people would like to start their home remodel as soon as possible. And ideally, everyone would like to start their project in a matter of weeks–sometimes even days! However, all things that are done well, are given time. Furthermore, time needs P.P., aka patience & preparedness. In respect to remodeling, these two factors are key. Unlike other companies, Penn Construction + Design believes in giving each and every remodeling job the necessary time it needs, and deserves! We aren’t going to commit to a job if we cannot be fully committed; and when we do have the privilege to work with you, our team is on site day in & day out!

While you may want to start your job as soon as possible, that may not be what’s best! Contemplate this—if you are going to spend $20,000-$50,000+ on renovations, would you want your contractor to rush through the process? Would you want to make hasty decisions, and feel like you, and your contractor,aren’t prepared for your project? Would you want to feel like your investment isn’t cared for the way it should be? We say, don’t rush the reno! Being patient and prepared will work in your favor, and will help avoid mistakes & having to spend extra money in the long wrong.

Sure, it would be ideal if we could have that new kitchen, bathroom, or basement remodeled sooner rather than later. However, wouldn’t it be more favorable to have hired a company that is fully committed and prepared for your renovation when they are given the time to do so? While at times our projected timeframe may not be what you had in mind, consider the benefits of being patient and waiting a few extra weeks/months; again one of the most obvious benefits being that everyone is prepared for your renovation and fully ready to renovate! 

Unfortunately, we’ve heard the nightmare stories where a job is started (e.g. where rooms are gutted) and no one returns for weeks or even months to continue to finish what had originally begun. This usually occurs when contractors commit to a job where they do not have the time or manpower to actively work on the project. Again, when you are willing to be patient for quality, reputable work, the process of remodeling goes a lot smoother and will save you frustration. Another factor to consider is the season itself; currently, it’s November—Holiday Season—would you really want to have your in-laws & family over when you don’t have a kitchen or bathroom? I’ll safely assume the answer is “NO!” 

Nonetheless, time, patience, and preparedness are often overlooked when starting this process. Now, we aren’t saying that you can’t schedule with Penn Construction + Design today, but we are saying to be mindful of timeframe, and have realistic expectations. Bear in mind, that if the timeframe that you’re given is a few weeks to months outside of when you originally wanted to start, that the company & contractor may be safeguarding you & your investment–as we do! All things that are done well are given time, thus when all’s well, ends well! Give remodeling the time it needs and remember time needs P.P.–patience & preparedness!



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