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Top Kitchen Design Trends to Consider for Your Next Project

Do you find yourself scrolling through your social media pages redesigning your current kitchen space to fit into what’s trending? Your kitchen is the one room in your house that is designed to fit multiple functions. Whether you are looking to hosts guests, cook your favorite meal, or create your ideal happy hour, the kitchen is where you can do all of these things and more.

Kitchen trends come and go throughout the years, but we think some are here to stay long term. Whether you are looking to make some minor updates, or aiming to do a complete kitchen renovation, these are some of the top kitchen trends to consider.

  • Contrasting Countertops – When it comes to your counters there are endless possibilities to choose from. Contrasting countertops can add a dramatic feature to your kitchen while making a statement.
  • Slab Backsplash – Adding a slab backsplash to your kitchen allows for a dramatic feature that also looks clean.
  • Tile that Adds Color – Adding a colorful kitchen tile feature as your backsplash is the best way to add a pop of color into your design plan. A white kitchen will always be a classic style to build off of. We have noticed more people are starting to take risks with their color & design choices, and we are here for it.
  • Two-Toned Cabinets – This is a trend that we hope is here to stay for a while. Adding two-toned cabinets to your kitchen is a great way to add a dramatic feel without going overboard. We recommend incorporating a neutral tone, staying balanced when it comes to choosing your colors, and using a second bolder tone as an accent.

When it comes to designing your dream kitchen don’t be afraid to add color to your tile selection, select a slab backsplash, or even transform your countertops by selecting a contrasting color. Hopefully these trends give you some extra design inspiration.

At Penn Construction & Design, we combine licensed realtor knowledge with custom design and craftsmanship to deliver exceptional client satisfaction. If you want to discuss how you can add value to your home, call or contact Penn Construction & Design for a consultation at (484) 452-5071.


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