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Why to Get Excited Over Fall

Every year, people can’t wait for the transformation from Summer to Fall. By the time Labor Day is over and school begins, it’s the anticipation for Fall to finally arrive. There are several topics to look forward to in the Fall and why it’s one of greatest seasons of the year.

Number 1. The Scenery: During Fall the tree are changing their colors along with the leaves falling to the ground creating a payment full of orange, yellow and brown. Have you ever just driven on the highway, viewing the vast amount of trees with colors that go on for miles? It’s truly breathtaking. If you’re a morning person, think about when you’re getting in your car and the sun shines through the trees. Or how the puddles reflect the yellow and orange from the fallen leaves. Too often, we forget to stop and take in how gorgeous our environment is. It’s the perfect time to take photos and update those Instagram pages.

fashion and scenery

Number 2. The Fashion: As September is coming to an end, with October rounding the corner that means comfy clothes are back! We go from jean shorts to leggings and flip flops to boots. With Fall, there are so many accessories to choose from such as: scarves, hats, gloves, boots, or vests. One of the best and most versatile piece of clothing is the hoodie. Feeling cold, wear a hoodie. Had to much to eat and bloated, cover it up with a hoodie. Raining outside, use that hoodie. Attending a ball game, whatcha gonna wear? That’s right, a hoodie! It goes with everything and anything, it’s like wearing sweats, in public, without being judged.

apple ciderNumber 3. Food: Tis the season for warm comforting goodies such as hot cocoa, caramel apples and pumpkin pie. Along with these tasty snacks, comes the excuse to eat more, hence why it’s called hibernating season. New rule, calories don’t count after Halloween- if only it were that easy. Fall is a build-up to Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, which are the top three holidays that tend to revolve around food. Halloween, kids get dressed up to collect candy, Thanksgiving is a whole day dedicated to eating as much as you can. And finally, Christmas where the cookies, candies and wine bottles come flooding in. Not to mention the warm apple cider at festivals and pumpkin patches, how can you turn such sweets down?

Number 4. Activities: In the fall, there are a bunch of events that occur beginning with festivals. Specifically in Delco, we have our annual Haverford Township Day. Sometimes it brings old high school buddies back together, it also provides face-to-face communication between businesses and potential customers; and it gets the community to socialize, meet new people. Then you have pumpkin patches and apple picking, if you’re lucky some areas have hayrides or haunted houses. It’s a great activity to do with family or friends, as mentioned before they have warm apple cider. YUM! Once you pick the perfect pumpkin, you can go home, carve out a fancy design and display it for all the trick-or-treaters to see.

Lincoln Park Zoo

Number 5. Decorations: Too many times Fall gets skipped over and Christmas has thrown-up all over stores. It’s still exciting to decorate for fall and it’s not just houses. This includes offices, computer screens, and Facebook pages; the possibilities are unlimited. Who else has a set of candles for each season? Winter is “Peppermint Swirl”, Spring is “Pineapple Cilantro”, Summer is “Summer Scoop” and finally Fall is “Salted Caramel Apple.” Setting out scarecrows, skeletons and other decorations for Halloween/Thanksgiving are a memory your kids will hold onto.

family-watching-TVNumber 6. Rainy Days: Lately, we’ve been having some humid rainy days, which makes the rain even more disgusting. However, in the Fall, it’s cold and brisk- the perfect kinda weather to stay in, watch movies and eat food. Sometimes, these kinda days can be during the week and it’s especially worse when it’s a Monday. But, after a long day at work it’s totally acceptable to come home, get into sweats, pull up a movie and chill. Whereas  if you did this in the Summer, with the sun shining, there’s more guilt. Somehow rainy days make the perfect excuse to do nothing. At times, after school activities and games are cancelled due to the weather providing you more time to spend with children.

Number 7. Football: August means preseason, but September/October begins the official Football Season. Fantasy football teams are chosen, Sunday nights dedicated to Fox Sports or NBC Sports with Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth. Break out those hoodies and dust off those jerseys because football is here. For those who aren’t into football, just think of it as an excuse to go to a game and socialize with friends. Last year the Birds brought home our first ever championship, we’ve been waiting fifty-two years for. The whole city went nuts, as they should, but we’re still hungry dogs. With Wentz back and the team bond they’ve created, it’s sure that this year could be another repeat, of last.

Number 8. Family Time: A lot of people tend to move away from where they were born or grew up. Falls leads us up to those family reunions because more people are coming home for the holidays. The Fall isn’t always about the stress of school beginning or the panic of getting gifts. It’s important to spend time with those you might have lost touch with, especially if those people are your parents, siblings, cousins or friends. Most times these reunions come with arguing and disagreements, but eventually you all eat too much, end on the couch and fall asleep. Not only that, but the weather is getting colder so hugs and cuddling is way more acceptable. In the Summer, no one wants to even shake hands, with how hot it can get. Ever hear of body heat? It’s a real thing! So now, your child and mate can smother you with love and affection without so much as a bead of sweat. Don’t forget to include your dog or cat in the cuddle session, they need love too.

oktoberfest-beer-food-weekend-festival-brisbane-fa91Number 9. Oktoberfest: Oktoberfest was discovered by the German/Dutch culture and it’s their form of Labor Day, where they enjoy a homemade meal and an alcoholic beverage or two… Here in America, we have Oktoberfest with authentic music, clothing and beer to represent the German Heritage. Some festivals offer beer tasting, where you can test taste season beers that are locally brewed. It’s a great place to spend time with friends, walk around the outdoor arena or park and have a couple drinks.

Number 10. Sayonara Bugs: One of the annoying things about Spring and Summer are the bugs that think they rule the world. Somehow they get into your house, you have to play the game of trying to get into your door without drawing a beetle or two in. Then you have bees and wasps that swarm around, while spiders make webs that you get caught in. Fall is the time when bugs and bees are OUTTA HERE! It tends to be getting too cold for them and they soon go away.

Fall has so much to offer and it’s just beginning! So, grab your mugs, fill it up with some cocoa, put on some sweats, and enjoy family time while watching some football or going to a pumpkin patch.

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