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The Top Ways Your Bathroom Tile Can Transform Your Space

When it comes to selecting tile the options can quickly become overwhelming. The key is to take a step back and think about your ideal bathroom design and play with your options, because there are plenty of them. Some of your best bathroom designs will come from you playing around with the tile shape, color, and pattern until you find your ideal selection.

Here are some ways you can transform your bathroom by stepping out of your comfort zone and playing with your tile options.

Details, Details, Details.  If you play with the details of your tile, consider the material and color palettes that fit your ideal aesthetic. There are multiple ways to integrate a variety of details into your space you just need to narrow down the ones that fit within each other.

Figure out the direction. When it comes to laying your tile there are multiple options to consider. A straight lay is a basic design that gives your room a clean look. You can add a diagonal or diamond lay  to make a smaller space feel larger. If you want to go with a more bold pattern consider adding the checkerboard design to your space.

Consider coordinating colors. We love a neutral color palette and you can never go wrong with coordinating your bathroom colors. For example, consider adding a white marble countertop to match your white tile selection. Whether you add a marble hexagon floor tile or classic white subway tile in your shower, this is one way you can coordinate colors through your tile selections.

Don’t be afraid of patterns. We love to see our clients add a pattern to their design. Whether you want to go with a bold or neutral pattern design there are endless tile options to meet your design aesthetic. Adding a herringbone pattern to your space is a great option if you want to stick with a more neutral design This same design can also be used as a bold selection depending on the color you select.

These are just some ways you can transform your room by playing with your tile options. As you start to design your new bathroom don’t just settle on any tile selection, consider coordinating colors, adding a unique pattern, and don’t be afraid of patterns.

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